Stuff from figure drawing today!! <3 I had a lot of fun, I never hesitate to put a man in a dress.

Stuff for fantasy sculpture. Can’t wait to sculpt her :) :) :)

Stuff from figure drawing today, working digital and it’s a weird shift. Getting use to it though. We had a cool model today :) 5 min poses

Just some thumbnails for my fantasy sculpture class, much excite, very sculpt. 

Wahhhhh I haven’t drawn in over a month and suddenly I’m back at school and reminded that ahhhh art is my life.  Need to be active again.  Here are some doodles from class

Sailor Venus has always been my favorite sailor scout! <3 She’s so coooooolll SAILOR V!!!!! And Artemis is great :) 

I haven’t drawn anything in two weeks and I felt it was time so I broke out the brush pen. It. felt. so. good. So here’s a quick cloak girl I pumped out after playing some league. 

chiyokoyo asked: and omg srry if I'm being a creep OTL

WHATTTT NOOOO not at all!!!

chiyokoyo asked: hi there ^^ I'm actually friends with alex :D your art is sososo cute--and your animation is also adoooorable ^_^

Ahhhhhhhhhh thank youuuu <3